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Miscellaneous track, etc

Code 250 track and switches (except the 215 NS). Brass and aluminum (and some nickel silver). Various manufacturers. Most of the AMS ties are bleached and brittle (early track was not UV stable) Pick up at TrainOps or another time. Really don’t want to try and ship any of this. I will take any reasonable offer.

Aluminum switches. 5 scratchbuilt. $100

Aluminum switches. 5 with trex ties (forget the manufacturer) #8 left, 3 #6 wye, 1 #6 left $150

Custom switches and crossover. Rodney Edington. $100

Code 215 NS track. 2 RH #6 and one wye. $125

Aluminum track. 11 pieces. Llagas Creek and some on AMS ties. $100

Misc pile of brass, mostly 5 foot long. 15 pieces, plus a bunch of short ones. $150

Bundle of aluminum rail. $100

Old Aristo switches. $50

Three windmills. $20