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Miniature painting

Some of you know that I play various tabletop games. One of the ones we like is RoboRally. I am currently painting up twelve new robots from the Hirst Arts molds to go with the game. Here are the first four I’ve done.

Those look great!
Good practice for when you paint 3D printed figures. :grinning:

I got a set of Army Painter paints a couple of years ago when I bought 100 unpainted figures, only issue I had with the paints was the flesh colors they had were not quite what normal people had. Great selection of colors .

I use Army Painter paints almost exclusively, though I have a smattering of Tamiya colors as well. AP recently came out with their SpeedPaints, which are somewhere between a wash and paint. Havent experimented with them much, but they sound like a neat way to get models on the tabletop quickly, even if they don’t have a ton of detail.

Wow those are pretty cool! If I get more people I may have to invest in some speed paint!

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Three more…

A bunch of you have asked about the SpeedPaints, so I thought I’d go into a bit more detail how they work. First thing I do is prime with matte white. Let this dry well, at least 48 hours.

Then I pick a base color, and slather it on fairly thickly. It will run into all the nooks and crannies, and abandon the high points, creating hilghights and shadows.

After about an drying hour, it looks like this.

Next thing to do is pick out some paints for various details.

Did the tires…

Some metal details, these need a couple coats with half an hour dry time between them

A final touch up of any scuffs or overpainting, and finish up the eyes and other details

It wont win any awards, but they come out pretty good.

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That’s amazing Bob.

I just got my order in. These will really help with my various buildings and figures on the Sutro model.