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Military Supply and Little Critter

This is an entirely 3D printed Military Supply train owned and built by Mike Williams (SWC 3D Backshop).
Followed by a cute little LGB critter that I recently acquired.


nice trains…
but an incredible background!
those rocks really rock!
i’m envidious…

Nice. Lot’s of work is evident if that’s the same club layout that you have been posting from for years. I’m generally not an LGB fan, but that low slung critter is cool!

It’s the same layout. Not a club, but a private indoor layout that is only one third finished.
It is just a three track roundy round with two storage yards and a turntable.

Thats a Simplex Tin Turtle, used by military trench RR during WW1. It’s one of the few engines I have on my wish list. I’ve seen kits but they are far too expensive for me. I’m also jealous of that rockwork, you simply cannot beat cast plaster for rockwork, mines all foam because it all has to be removable for access. The LGB is a KOS industrial locomotive. I got one too but mine was kitbashed by somebody. I got it on Ebay. I really need to start posting more pics of layout progress.

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