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Mik's 2023 Build Challenge Winners


This years Down Town Challenge left it wide open for everyone that entered.
We had a great range of styles and builds. Great job everyone that entered!!!

The most prestigious annual award is presented

in the honor of the build challenges founder,

Mik just Mik.

Is proudly presented to:

Yet another win for the Muller Family , This is Team Mullers 4th Top Spot Win! Building quite a dynasty. Keep the spirit alive!!

The voting for this years builds was up a touch from last year with 34 voters.

The top spot was a squeaked out a 7 point win over second place , just one 1st place vote swapped would have changed the top 2 spots.

The rest of the field had only a few points separating the next 4 places.

Each vote was assigned a value of:

4 points for 1st place vote

2 points for 2nd place vote

1 point for 3rd place vote

And the winners are:

And winner of Mik 2023 !!

The close runner-ups were: Vick’s Taco Stand, Dave’s Funeral parlor and Pete’s Bank.

Every entry garnered at least one vote.

Congrats to all those that keep the Spirit of Mik alive.

And we will do it again next year!!!


Congratulations to all , we all win in the challenge, and glad to hear it will be around for at least another year! Saving stuff already for next years challenge

Has the countdown begun?

Too what …you finishing this years build … :laughing:
Great job so far … :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Congratulations to everybody who participated! To me, it is not about the vote getting. Or “winning”. It is the building and kibitzing.

Thanks, Dave, for wrassling the herd through the protocol.



Congratulations everyone! :trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Congratulations to everyone. The Mik is strictly about rule #1 for me, Having Fun. As always, every build was great and I enjoyed the discussion and feedback on each build log. I always learn something from each build and this year was no different. Many thanks to Dave for putting up with us knuckleheads. Can’t wait 'till next year, maybe I will have this year’s finished by then.

OH boy what an honor to be chosen the winner over so many terrific builds. As in years past it is always fun to rise to the challenge and to see the imaginations and talents of this group shine.

If anyone wants to come over for the celebration in the Spring when the building goes out for the season we will be serving 1/24 scale donuts.

Thanks guys. I’m already looking forward to next years challenge.

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Another great Challenge this year, thanks Dave for leading the way.

Congratulations to everyone that participated, great builds and some new ideas presented.

And Congratulations to Tod, a well deserved first place win. Not only a great building but a unique idea with the drive up window for locomotives and caboose cars as well I assume.

We are honored to receive the coveted “Spirit of the Mik!” Thanks to all the contestants for participating, and thanks again to Dave for running the show!

Fingers crossed that Mik 2024 will finally see a secessionist movie in this house!