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MIK challenge is good for the hobby

Just wanted to say that the MIK Challenge is good for the hobby and this forum. I myself being a modeler first and a train runner second, I really enjoy the entries by out forum members. I’ve thought several times I should join in and build something, but being a modeler for some 65 plus years the want too has somewhere gone out of this 78 year old guy. My workbench is completely void of any projects at this time, but that doesn’t mean I might not start something tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day. Modeling has always been my pastime over the years, I see no need stop now. Good Luck to all who enter and everyone should be a winner, there is no losers in modeling.


What John said. I have a broken-down Aster C&S #22 live steamer to put together. A bit much for the Mik,

John you are right, this forum really livens up with the Mik challenge. Lots of good learning for us newer guys.

Well said, John. I for one can attest that the Mik Challenge is what really keeps the creative juices flowing for me. Other life responsibilities and challenges always seem to take my attention away from modeling, but thanks to the Mik, I always come back to one of my favorite hobbies.

John, I’ve never been a modeller I’ve been a gunna model something, gunna have a garden railway, and a 60-80+ work week travelling most days, precluded that until 10 or so years ago when my wife said why don’t you just set up a table in the back of the living room and do something…

Like you, we are strong believers that you need something on the go at all times or inertia sets in. Since you’ve got nothing on and being the Newb here, I was wondering if we revisit your last Mik?

Reading your conversation with @Cliff_Jennings the project sounds complex. Would you perhaps consider a MasterClass on your shelf project, what you did and what you learned in the process?

I agree John. I look around my RR and the best things I have built have been for the Mik. It is always great to stretch the imagination and building skills and to see others step up to the challenge and do the same. I really enjoy the Build challenge and the humble nature of the 30 days and now $35 keeps it all possible.

Thanks to Dave T for keeping it all going.

The Mik is one of the best things we have here on LSC. It gives people focus and a purpose. It’s all too easy to let time slip away and do the project “next year”. I would love to get to the point where elwe have The Mik over the winter and maybe some kind of Master Class build along over the summer.

Bob, I’m all for having something during the summer months. I know the Mik was, among many other things, to give the folks here something to do inside during the cold, dark days of winter. Here in the south, the winters are not so bad, most of the time. I actually enjoy getting outside this time of year. However, our summers can be brutal with temps reaching 100°F many days along with 80-100% humidity :grimacing: so I would welcome something to keep me in the house amongst the cool air :smiley: I like the idea of a Master Class, maybe where those that want to participate simply follow along with the instructor like one would do in a painting class.

The best part, is the LSC excels at having patient instructors.

Now the pressure is on to provide a proof of concept in the Southern Hemisphere as it’s summer right now.

I guess I better post something on my build.

John L.,

Amen and amen. The Mik is the single best learning tool, as it constrains the action to a single theme or material, so you really have a chance to evaluate multiple approaches to a project that address things from material choice to climate concerns. Beyond that, it really, really does encourage me at least to get off the bench and try, be it a new technique or a new project. Finally, for us, it has been an annual family affair that we all enjoy and discuss.

Many thanks to @Dave_Taylor for herding the proverbial cats each year!