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Mik 2024 -- Hui Laulima Mahi 'Ai na M&K

So, we are in with the Hui Laulima Mahi 'Ai na M&K / M&K Agricultural Cooperative. This will use Oldest Daughter’s grain elevator ( New Industry for the Triple O - A Grain Elevator ) for which, incidentally, she got a good grade, as both core and catalyst for our project this year.

We have some newcomers to LSC, so, here is the backstory. The Triple O takes a loose guide on the Oahu Rail & Land Co. Sugar was the main reason for the railroad’s existence, but it hauled passengers, military supplies, agricultural goods, etc. By its heyday, money had married power, and most of the land was held in large, industrialized plantations focused on sugar and pineapple. Many of these companies still exist, even as the plantations are gone and family and artisanal farms have returned to be the norm. Grain was never, to my knowledge, a commodity here, but feed and cooking corn are local crops, so, in the world of the Triple O, the elevator serves a cooperative formed by the M&K Sugar Plantation (fictional; the letters come from our last and her maiden name) and local farmers. From the elevator, grain travels over rail for local use and export to the other islands.

There’s the backstory. Again, for newcomers, CINCHOUSE (Commander in Chief, House) decreed nearly a decade ago that “This cannot be just your hobby!” I have take that strategic guidance and operationalized it as “All may participate; none must participate.” I fudge a bit on the Mik, and I insist all take part. All do, and we all have great fun.

Siting the hui laulima / cooperative was a problem. Kid-zilla and I originally thought this siding would be a natural place:

O.D. broke out her elevator, and the crew fell out to see how it would lie.

We all agreed that it would change the fundamental character of our farm scene, so the elevator moved to the mill town of Pu’uoma’o (Green Hills).

After careful consideration, we decided on a final orientation.

In this way, local farmers would deliver grain via wagon to the elevator. Grain would then be poured into specially rigged box cars on M&K tracks, before being pushed onto Triple O tracks for onward shipping.

History, site, and story complete, it was time for the napkins.

O.D. will finish her elevator.

She understands that finishing it does not count as a Mik project, so her challenge will be tie it into Oldest Son’s (O.S.) grain silos.

Youngest Daughter (Y.D.) and Kid-zilla will handle the hui’s administrative and other “necessary” functions.

Yours truly, who, of course, will have about 10-14 days of non-availability, will make a small transfer shed and serve as foreman.

This will be sited at the little farm at the top of this thread. I also have that languishing LGB box car we’ve stripped for parts that begs for conversion to grain hauling. Time will see if I get to it!

We are stripping the house of Christmas decorations, scouring the shed for materials, and rustling up the 1:24 diggermen for the jobs!

Happy Building!



Can’t wait to see this take shape as always. Glad you could coral all the members of clan Mueller to once again take on the task.

I’m far from a newcommer, but this definition has eluded me for years. Thanks!

I honestly thought it was a Hawaiian thing. I chuckled when he explained it.

Nice to know I’m on the right track!

It gets harder every year as their own interests and activities take them in different directions! Everyone genuinely enjoy this competition, though, so the arm twisting remains minimal.

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Just curious , Eric , how do you “coral” the family, how long do they have to stay in the water! Do they stay in a corral to coral?:joy::joy::joy:

I use PADI’s recreational dive tables. Their tanks are empty long before they hit the no decompression dive limits at the the depths where we do the Mik! :beach_umbrella:

Okay stop it spelling is not my strong suite

Suit, not suite, Devin

Careful, or we’ll start calling for Friar Pete!

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It’s DevOn not DevIn jeez😁

(is there an LSC glossary?)

Refers to Friar Fred

My bad Devon, you know I have a grandson Devin, so DevOn my apologies for almost misspelling Devooooon

With hours to go…

The lanai is devoid of Christmas decorations, full of scraps, and rigged for projects.

More importantly, the 1:24 diggermen are in place!

Bring on tomorrow!



I was just responding to one of your posts,
well the thing is…
the spelling suggestion made by the LSC spell checking thingo,
suggested uh…
that I may have spelled your name incorrectly…



Spell check was happy with “Devine” as well if that makes it any better… sigh.

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As long as Devon doesn’t get another hole in his head ( yes it’s a real thing Bill) I think he’s fine with us calling him whatever as long as it’s not late for creampuffs. :joy:

Maybe a batch of Craig’s creampuffs needs to be the prize for winning this year? But winners must pick up in person and be present to win?

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And we’re off!

O.D. - Finish her Grain Elevator

She decided to blow off her start to help unbury Kid-zilla form the mess in the boys’ shared room. After finding Kid-zilla in the debris, she drifted off to prep for a birthday party tomorrow. She and I did discuss the fact her brother’s silo sort of depends on her getting her elevator done…

O.S. - Silo

O.S. began by gluing soup cans together using E-6000, the second best glue for everything.

He rummaged for some scrap foam for a base…

…then, with a little 1:24 help, began to transform foam into “stone.”

He has a plan for the roof. I absolutely do not understand what he told me. 4 weekends left to find out!

Y.D. & Kid-zilla - Office & Outhouse

The duo began the dual project by rummaging amongst foam scraps to form walls and a core.

They used a PLAYMOBIL porta-potty to size the outhouse…

…then cut the walls in half to make two pieces of scap four! That took steadier hands than I have. Next came the craft sticks…

…followed by a period under a brick to let the Titebond III set.

They also began transforming a long destroyed "fairy house into the core of the office.

One wall got its craftstick siding before they called it quits.

Yours Truly – Small Station

This is the only part of the hui laulima / collective that will not be in the mill town. This is supposed to represent a small whistle stop and staging platform for the M&K’s plantation trains. As mentioned earlier, it could not change the visual character of our farm scene. That meant the 1:24 gang had to mount a work train and head out, as I had to determine if I wanted the station to be on the siding or to serve both the siding and the M&K’s permanent tracks…

I liked the location between the tracks, so I staged a box car to check the clearance and a shoebox to rough in the visual impact.

The 1:24 lads and I agreed on this location, so we next had to shape that foam scrap, cut it into two 12" lengths, then glue those lengths together to make our base.

I have learned that to survive the weather and Acts of Dog, buildings need to be durable and moveable. I have also learned that I really, really, really need to learn to cut wood in straight lines. The plan is to make a frame, glue it to this base to give it strength and stability and paint the foam black to give the appearance that the platform sits on a raised frame. To that end, I started to cut a frame from 1/4"x1/4" poplar I got at a big box store.

The lads and I lined it all up on my cutting board using magnets O.S. uses to hold stringers while he builds his planes. The bricks kept my apparently warped board flat!

As the glue dried, I glued the frame to the base, and the lot is relatively rigid. In true Mueller fashion, it is only square in the non-Euclidean sense. No picture. That can wait until tomorrow!

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