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Midwest Region Large Scale Train Show

80 tables of G Scale trains, clinics on weathering, battery power basics, creating custom sound files for Rail Pro, hourly raffles, live steam module, and a cookout on Friday afternoon at the club layout. Our biggest and best show yet. Have a collection to sell? Tables are just $15. LARGESCALESHOW.COM

We’re looking to do an introduction to live steam class and Kris Dixon will have a Bluenami demo at some point also, still working on the details and time.

So is this why there wasn’t too much concern about NO NGRC 2024 convention this year? You have a place in the East AND Midwest? Sounds like G-scale might be making a comeback.

My understanding is that there was a shortage of areas with sufficient density of hobbyists to make hosting practical. There seem to be some regional hotspots or hubs for the hobby, and they have emptied their magazines, so to speak.

My geographic isolation makes it hard for me to comment on the strength of the hobby writ large. My sense from this forum, some FaceBook pages, and my club in Portland (the geographically closet club) is that it is not what it was to be but that it is not all doom and gloom, either.


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…and I thought getting to my club in Sydney was a challenge! I guess they don’t hold many meetings at your place.

Just zipped over to your clubs web site; it looks quite robust.

I’m thinking New Zealand is probably my closest hot spot and hope to make it to their national convention next year as I found out too late for this year’s one.