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Micro drill bits.

If any one of you guys use them, I need a source of high quality *60 to *80 drill bits. I ordered 2 sets on Amazon and can only use half of them. (60 to 70)

The tinier ones have no points and are useless. I left them a 1 star review.

I suppose I could get Clevelands but I don’t want to break my bank account.

I’ve used Micromark’s drill bits for years since I learned to resharpen them on the side of a separating disc.


Check out Tacoma Screw. They have a place in the Spokane Valley. You might need to special order the dril bits.

If I am drilling in wood or plastic, I take a piece of piano wire and sharpen the end to a flat chisel point, then taper the edges of the chisel point in partway. It works almost as well as a real drill bit, and I can resharpen it as many times as I need. It doesn’t work well at all on metal.

David I do the same works great on plastics and it doesn’t elongate the hole, BB

Sean McGillicuddy said:

Yep, However my opinion only !


I got a set from “Bill the tool guy” at ECLSTS a few years back, and it’s the same as this one, which has #61-80. Don’t use it a lot, but it’s worked when I have.

I doubt it’s as good quality as other ones, but the nice thing is that there’s 4 or 5 of each bit in each little tube.

FWIW, the blue plastic MM set ($20) appears to go for $4-$7, depending on how fast you want it, and with pin vise included, on Ebay. [link] If those are better quality, or if you’re clumsy like me, you might get two or three sets…

[edit] Are you drilling metal, or wood & plastic? And how deep?


after i had broken dozens of drills in the 1 to 1.5 mm range (about 1/25 inch), somebody recommended “IRVIN” drills.

they cost double, but last more than thrice.