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Metals wheels to replace LGB 30mm spoked type

I started adding photos to my backwoods caboose thread, but another bunch of wheels turned up so I figured I’d start afresh and re-post some of the photos.

A suggestion on in the UK pointed me to the Liliput wheels, made in germany by Bachmann Europe. About $25 for 4 axles.

Here’s a couple of axles and LGB spoked wheels for comparison.

The wheels on the left are Bachmann metal-tire from the J&S coach trucks.

Today the P.O. delivered a package of Gary Raymond wheels and a package from the UK of Slaters wheels.

On the left are Slaters wheels, which are nylon/fiber spokes moulded in to a stainless tire.

1622GVT      16mm NG Wheels: 1'10" 7 Curly Spoke Wagon          £8.32     
                     Wheel (Glyn Valley Tramway)

I specifically asked Slaters to fit a 45mm axle, as 16mm standard is 32mm. They did, but it's a long one which I will trim.  

2215WD       78NGWheels: 1'3" 7 Curly Spoke Wagon Wheel         £9.67   
                     (WDLR & Penrhyn)

As these are 7/8ths scale, they come with 45mm axles. All have 3mm ends to replace the LGB.

Here’s the side view of the same wheels. The 16mm wheels on the left are very fine and not very heavy - which may be an issue on a light wagon. I’m thinking they’ll look really nice under the 4107 Caboose.

In the center are the 7/8ths scale wheels, which are much heavier due to the thicker rims (presumably prototypical). They are a tad smaller than the 16mm wheels.

And on the right are some Gary Raymond G26BL fine scale wheels (not particularly finescale and nicely blackened.)

What are the 30mm spoked wheels bringing these days that they need replaced?

I edited and added the rest of the pictures from 5 years ago.

The LGB wheels are very light so I prefer the Liliput metal ones. The are about $35/set of 4 axles.

Have been many times tempted by the spoked bachmann/lilliput wheels due to having B’mann’s solid axles as standard equipment roster-wide, including most of my European 2 axle stock that would look very good with spoked wheels. Nice to see imagery of them fitted, have always wondered how they look.

Price of import keeps holding me back, wish they were more readily available stateside.



Glad to see this thread bubble up to the top, especially given my learning rich kerfuffle last year with “fine scale” wheels!