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Mauch Chunk engine house

Area too narrow for a roundhouse? No problem…


You’re spending toooo much time on this internet thing … :kissing:

But it is known as Jim Thorp today.

Best, David Meashey

Now there’s a fine example of compound switch work. So when does construction start BD? :sunglasses:

Very cool, never seen that type of shed.

Must be an. Area where they don’t worry about going t’other way with head end power! A little more room and I could almost fit that!

The river is just to the right…

There is a turntable (and its still there too) just beyond the engine house. Engine house is long gone.

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Thanks Bob! I thought it was odd to not have one.

The Asa Packer Mansion is high on my bucket list. Visit Victorian Splendor! The Asa Packer Mansion Museum in Jim Thorpe!

I always thought that the Carson Mansion in Eureka ,CA would make a beautiful model, I think it would take someone with way more skill and patience than I have to pull it off.
Carson Mansion


Their arrangement makes sense. Up against a hillside, it would be tough to fit an 18-stall roundhouse around a single turntable. Neat solution.

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Good use for those curved turnouts.

The Carson Mansion is the ultimate Victorian! And the interior is even more splendid than the exterior.