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Marvin the Martian

Got a car from the club auction, was a little blah looking so I decided to try a little artwork to liven it up a bit. Might add something else but so far I like it

All done by hand with paint pens and a ultra fine point black sharpie


Dude, that’s awesome. Your are a closet street artist. I see a freeway embutment with your name on it.

The name “Marvin” predates that character with a visor and a rather green color…it goes back to a rather grumpy BIG TRAIN LGB collector named “Marvin Brown” He admitted at one time to taking one too many parachute jumps…but he was often friendly to the early LS gang. He hailed from some places in Texas He also was honored by a fine wife, and partner, named “Lady Anna”…
I do hope that “Marvin” is still out there, enjoying LGB, and sharing his enjoyment with his chosen few…of which I have be rejected, due to politics, and religion…the two most divisive things in most friendships.

I can be friends with almost anyone , even one who have different political views or different religions, and I can be nice with people who think I have “issues” if need be. I cannot see ruining a friendship over politics and religion, just do not discuss them with said friends go along to get along, anyway back to the trains , going to figure out what to do next on the silver and blue boxcar, maybe another character or some colorful grafitti