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Marklin announces 2024 new lgb items

Hi Foks - Marklin Germany has announced its 2024 new items for all its product lines including LGB. For those US Mogul fans, they are producing another model for 2024 shown below to be released 3rd Quarter 2024. They are also going to do another production run on the LGB 20215 Christmas Stainz with the lighted tree on the front, something many of us LGB Dealers have been requesting since its original introduction in 2018. If you order an item on the New Items List during January, many LGB Dealers will provide an additional discount off their posted prices.

I got my first “G” scale engines back in 1988 and they were two Moguls. They are still in use today.
The red and green DSP&P mogul started me on this large scale journey…

Did you notice the 1/32nd Big Boy on page 132 of the catalog?

Almost $6.4K Holy Cats!