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Malcolm Furlow has passed

I am reading on a couple different locations that legendary model railroader Malcolm Furlow passed away from the effects long Covid. Furlow was one of my heroes in the hobby, I have always strived to match the level of detail he created. He was in his 70s. RIP Malcolm

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Sad news indeed. Very talented with a fantastic eye for details.

Truly a dioramic genius. I have always loved his work.

Yes. Loved his work. Inspiring. Sad to hear.

His work was truly amazing!

Malcolm and I both lived in Dallas, Texas and went to high school together there at Justin F. Kimball High School. One day we were both at a hobby store and he invited me to see his layout at his home, the Denver and Rio Chama Western and he had just completed the railroad for Model Railroader magazine, the San Juan Central. I was in N gauge at that time, but my interest turned to narrow gauge and from that day I have pretty much been a narrow gauge model railroader. The last time I saw him was in Santa Fe on Artist Row, we talked for a short time, his interest was in his art, but he was still doing some G gauge modeling at that time. I still use many of his modeling skills today, glad I was able to learn from him, he will be missed.

Yes, meet him once at Bobby Halls many many years ago.

Loved his work and inspired me to go narrow gauge for my garden railroad.


I wish we could have seen the last large scale layout he was working on back in the very late 90s finished, or at least to whatever stage it got to. Shame it raised such a ruckus with the Koester-ites when published in Model Railroader that they never followed up on it. I think he was just starting to really make a name for himself as an artist at the same time and seeing how the layout was received, that’s where he decided to focus his time on.