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making Sculpy figures

Ive been having fun playing with clay lately.

I have made quite a few figures from sculpy over the years. some better than others. Lately I have been “practicing” making better looking figures. I started by making a bunch of heads. 7/8th scale makes the people big enough to see some detail. I watched a video by a sculptor to get some pointers on proportions and other how-to bits. I have been trying to get ladies who look female. I have also been trying to get some character into their faces.

these two are male and female

It still isnt really clear to me the difference between a male head and a female head, but I tend to know one if i see one. remember that adding hair, clothing and a body changes things.

Well as most end up kinda masculine I go with the flow…

I tend to make my female figures kinda rugged…good farmers wives but not the first to be picked at the dance. This is pretty good for me, she is definately female and not built like a blacksmith

I did spend some time tweaking these faces and bodies a little with an Xacto blade carving a bit of here and a smidgen there. then I give them some paint. first the whites of the eyes and white shirts, then I work outward, blue or brown eyes, over-coats, pants and the like. Details like buttons, cuffs etc are added last. some times I’ll give them a wash of “dirt” or just wet brush in soot and oil onto blue overalls. those ladies do not get such course treatment.

this is a family reunion … Harold A Topsham and his family. his sister and some of the grown nieces are from away…you know city kids with those flashy styles.

As the ridership is up on the W&Q, more crew will be required to keep everything safe and on schedule.

Those are great, It really ads to the railroad.(

you got art in the fingertips. very nice.

They look great.

Those look good Eric. I wish I had some artistic talent. I have trouble making stick people much less something that actually looks like a real person. Keep carving them. They will only get better.



I thought you worked wood!

Very nice.

Nice job.

Nice work Eric.

Great work on the figures. I really like your crew.


Rio Gracie

Neat stuff! Given the dearth of available figures I’ve seen at shows I may have to start making my own also.

They are fun to do. I have been practicing making the more lifelike, it is not easy. But the good news is that they do not really have to be scale models, characaturs work fine! Get the size about right and the colors and you are well on your way. I have studied some videos about sculpting faces to get the proportions and details right, it also helps to have a commercial figure around to get the size and proportions right.

Are you using the Chris Walas technic?, I have his masterclass saved somewhere.

I am sure I studied that some time ago, there are probably similarities…I use a copper wire armature, bulk up with aluminum foil, then have at it with sculpy. I have practiced with heads first, I bake them hard then progress with a body, bake and add stuff, bake again…etc.

I ignored this thread a few months ago as the figure making thing just freaks me out …

Rooster: has put Eric Shades figure making post on ignore as he is not baked enough to handle it (maturity reasons)