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Magic Motorman analog mainline with reverse loop on each end no longer working. Alternatives?

I’ve been using the Magic Motorman reverse unit for years. However, it appears finaly to have given up the ghost and they are no longer made. The setup I have is one mainline with a reverse loop on each end. The loops are constant polarity and powered together while the mainline power would switch polarity once the train was within each loop so the train would exit the loop successfully without stoping, jerking or slowing down. The Magic Motorman handles all of this.

The setup can be as complicated as one would like, or as simple as how I use it. The train always enters each loop in the same direction. The switches are spring loaded not electric so the train pushes the points to the correct position upon exiting the loops. The points then spring back to the correct loop entering position.

Does anyone have one of these units they would like to sell? If not, I am looking for another simple alternative anyone can recommend.

I currently also own the Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module but have never used it. It will work in a number of configurations as well as Analog. It appears that it should work in my configuration however, the wiring is very confusing to me as I am not an expert.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

If not, I am looking for another simple alternative anyone can recommend.

LGB has a simple way for this sort of layout:

scroll down to page 124.

Yup… my original double reverse layout used this method. The issue with this is that the train immediatly slows way down entering each loop and then suddenly speeds up exiting. This is not a desireable scenario which is why I researched and purchased the Magic Motorman many years ago. might have a simple solution for you.

Yes, that indeed does look like it should work. However, the instructions are a bit vague to me. I want this to be as simple as possible like the Magic Motorman was. I don’t want to switch the switches electronically. I want to use the manual spring loaded switches so the locomotive pushes the points to the correct position when exiting the loop back to the mainline. I can’t tell from the Azatrax wiring diagram if this is possible.

Massoth 8157001 DiMAX Reverse Loop Module but have never used it as mentioned.

I does appear that this should work as I want however, the wiring diagram is confusing to me. In the manual for this unit ( in section 3.4. it states this:

3.4. Analog reverse loop
The analog reverse loop reverses the
main track polarity instead of the loop
polarity. For an automatic operation however a few details have to be
observed. A separate power supply is
required to power the module (14 - 24
V DC). A minimum driving voltage of 5
Volts is required to ensure a safe sensor
operation. Additional diodes must not
be used. The reverse loop must always
be operated in the same direction.
Alternatively the use of track contacts
instead of sensor tracks is possible.

I am not clear what is meant by “Track Contacts”. Does anyone have an idea?

Has anyone used this Massoth unit and can speak to what is meant by TRACK CONTACTS and the area I have circled above?

I have two maybe three. I’m in So Calif