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M of W car

Hi Guys,
I haven’t been doing much on the railroad this Summer, just waiting for my bridges to arrive for Fall installation. However I have had time to do a kit bash on an M of W car that I picked up from Phil (Phil’s Narrow Gauge) a couple years ago. I did a little modifying and added an overhead trolley and chain hoist kit from Western Scale Models. I had Stan Cedarleaf do a series of decals for me as I have several more M of W cars in the pipeline for the someday shop time. Anyway here are a few pictures.



Thanks for taking a look. Rick

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Nice job. Needs more dirt on the lettering !!!

Looks great. Disregard the “dirt monger” :wink:

I really like it !

Very unique…Love it!

Now that’s got character!

Wow, great job! i love the detail and the different weathering and stain washes on there. Makes me want to get one of those kits…!

Rick as always a great job and a very neat design. looks like something straight out of the small companys shop, probably something drawn up on a scrap piece of paper in the coffee shop or the local saloon.

Great looking car Rick! Welcome back from Alaska.:slight_smile:

All I can say is WOW!!! Very Nice Rick!

Yup, Yup… What they all said… Great car…

…Makes me want to get one of those kits…!

Me too, but Phil doesn’t make them any more and prolly won’t restock.
(Unless we all harass him in a friendly way) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice job, Rick!


Thanks for posting your work. I love the car. The hand hoist and trolley assembly gives me a great idea for the ammunition car - if I ever get the Leopold cannon kit built.

David Meashey

Thats a really neat car. Excellent work Rick.

John, I agree, let the (gentle) harassing begin. :slight_smile:

Well done. Lots of character there.

Another thread with it’s pictures restored,

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