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Lumber wraps

I am thinking there was someone here that used to advertize they had downloadable files for lumber wraps. Or I am thinking it was on Facebook, Does anyone know of a website or a person that does this? Thanks, I have 2 center beam cars and I would like to make some lumber loads. Will do both a wrapped load and probably a craft stick load of “green” lumber

Hm, I vaguely remember them. There are some free ones around, these in HO, N and O

I designed these for my 3d printed Centerbeams.

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So is the print 1 unit or is it the whole load? I only have the USA 40’ center beams, so a full size load would have to be altered. Did you print the corner protectors?

Did you click the link? There are files to make minimalist “boxes” to wrap. They are 120mm L x 24mm H x 45mm D but you could scale them. And yes, the file for the edge protectors is there too.

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I’ve enjoyed printing Dan’s files for the Center beam cars. I did my own lumber wraps on my sign printer. I wrapped blocks of Scrap PVC with the ends painted red. I took files off the internet of local NH and MA Lumber Co’s that would probably never ship by rail but hey it’s my world.
Getting ready for Springfield Show

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I did click the link, but didn’t scroll down far enough. thanks for the clarification, Dan. Scott those look good. I will have to look around for some logo I could print for my loads. In real life the whole car would be from one mill, but that shows all the different prints you came up with.