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It’s been a long while since I’ve serviced any locomotives of mine. Went to my lube and couldn’t find it.

And I can’t remember what the heck I had.

What do you all use for motor gear grease and journal oil?

Most of the Hob-E-Lube brand formulas are available through Amazon if you prefer mail order. They make white greases as well as light oils.

Bachmann had grease and oil for engines.

and journal oil?

I use synthetic oil sold on Amazon for hobbyists - don’t know if it really is better but nothing has caused trouble recenttly. I also have “Turbine” oil, sold at the local hardware store - it is for electric motor bearings, etc.

Been using automotive 0/20 Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil for years. As for grease I still have some Labelle.

I’ve stopped using hobby lubes and moved to using plastic safe synthetic oils and grease (Mobil 1 in particular) on my Bachmann geared engines and wheels on my cars. The Bachmann E-Z Lube gear grease in particular often separates and doesn’t cling too well to the gears.

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