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Looking to buy LGB PRR Streamline Cars

I’m looking for 2 LGB PRR 32570 coaches and 1 LGB PRR 32580 Dome car, in new or excellent condition.

PM me, Thanks, Ron

I also have many different types of G scale rolling stock, parts ect, a lot are still new in box, from several manufacturers and would consider trades as well for your cars, please PM with with offers/needs, I don’t want to sell anything outright.

Thanks, Ron

There’s a 3 car set with 2 coaches and an observation on ebay. LGB G Scale (2) 32570 Pennsylvania Streamlined Coach 32590 Observation Car ** | eBay

Thanks saw that but already have the Observation car and he wouldn’t break it up.

Here is a coach:

32570 Coach

And a Pullman dome:

32580 Dome

Saw those as well, way over priced, probably why they been on there for sooooo long.

Ebay used to be a lot better when they charged to list items prices were reasonable, with free listing seems everyone wants to retire on each sale :grin:.

Just fyi I have and do keep an eye on the normal places like ebay trains ect. I was hoping to find a member that was looking to sell/ trade they’re own cars.