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Looking for someone that can write code for a Pic12F675 Microcontroller

I am looking for someone that can write a simple servo control program for a PIC12F675 Micro controller for me so I can program some chips. I know electronics and how things go together and work, but don’t know how to write code except in basic and I have not done that is 20 plus years. The code just needs to move a servo into three positions using a rotary switch to move a arm to an up position, to the center position and to the down position and allow a pot to adjust to position so it won’t overdrive the servo. In Model Railroading, it would be like moving a semiphore in to the vertical, middle and lower positions. This however is going to be used on a rifle range to move a arm to show positions of hits on a target. If anyone can help, let me know and I can provide the wiring diagram. I have a couple PC board that were made for this purpose by another gentleman, but he has since passed away and the code was lost. I was asked to see if I could make a couple of these board so they could use them as spares, in case the one they have been using for the past 8 years craps out.


If I understand correctly, you have an existing unit.
Could you just read the code from that board?

Dan, you might want to contact Dave Bodnar at Train Electronics. He’s been programming those for years, and may even have a good project to use as a starting point.

Steve: Unfortunately the Guy that originally wrote to code protected it when he first wrote the code and programmed the chips and when Hurricane Harvey Hit the area, he lost the the paper work and computer that the original code was on. So there is no way to recover the code for the existing chip that I have. I am a Hardware guy and wire up most anything, but when it comes to programming, I am lost. The last time I wrote and computer program was 45 years ago and it was in Fortran…


Cliff. Thanks for the info, I will contact Dave and see if he can help out.