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Looking for Ray Dunakin

Anybody heard from or talked to Ray? I sent a message through here, but no reply.
I have a DVD of a Show from Smithsonian Channel on Guntrucks in Vietnam that I wanted to send him.
Any help appreciated.
Lou Luczu

Hi Lou. Sorry, I must have missed your message. My mailing address is:

4665 Huggins St
San Diego CA 92122

So that means you would like to have the DVD?
Will do tomorrow. Got to make DVD from the DVR.

Oh boy, did I mess up. It was not for Ray (sorry, Ray), this was for Jerry Barnes. So I sent him a message.

No problemo, Lou. I was a bit puzzled by the offer.

Jerry Barnes is still around I just talked to him yesterday I will pass this info on to him. Later RJD

I sent you a message Lou. Ran convoys with some of those guys, some have since passed.