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Looking for Phoenix insights/help

I have a couple of the older Phoenix 97 boards I’m testing. These are the ones with the chipset so no programming. Interesting in that the Climax one has brake squeal when you stop the chuff trigger (manually since I am bench testing) and the Goose does the same thing. But the Shay does not. Since as we all know, Phoenix is gone, numbers disconnected, do not return emails, etc., I’m just trying to see if that is the way it is supposed to or am I missing something.

Phoenix is not gone, but thier customer service seems to be.

It’s very possible that brake squeal was not included in that chip set. Back in the day when you could have chips custom programmed, you cold request sounds not be activated. I had a set programmed with no automatic crossing whistle. Do you have the manual? If not it should still be on their website.

Yes I have the manual, but I don’t remember seeing anything about brake squeal in the 97. So I pulled out my original Shay unit and bench tested it and it does not have the brake either. It was not any special request just the factory one I bought way back when. Now, I’m guessing they didn’t have it on the original Shay chip but added later when the Climax and Goose came out. Not sure when the Goose came out but I know the Shay was before the Climax so maybe just added it to the later engine chips but did not go back and redo the Shay since moved on to the 2K2 boards which allowed customization. But I have to use them as I don’t have enough of the 2K2 or P8 boards.

As for Phoenix, I’m pretty sure they are gone. Talked to a dealer that has Jim’s cell phone and he doesn’t even return calls. This dealer is more knowledgeable and says it’s over. All things point to that. A-shame but life must go on.

Not sure as of when your info is. Al Kramer (formerly San-Val) has been advertising new PB-22’s as of a month or two ago. He claims they are alive and well. Down to a one man shop and having major supply issues. Phoenix website was last updated in late 2023.

From Al’s website:

Thanks Dan. My information was several months old.

I’m guessing the supply chain issues combined with trying to run the entire operation single handed finally got to be too much. That, and the era of stand alone sound boards is about to come to an end. No way they were ever going to compete with folks like Revo, TCS, RailPro and others in the combined sound & control board market.

But the best of their assets, IMHO, was their sounds. Yes boards were ok I guess since I’m not a board expert. Who knows if there was any attempts to monetize that asset or any interest (there should have been by RailPro, especially the steam sounds) or any technical hurdle. But it is a-shame the way it ends. But the one person I spoke with said the owner wanted to retire and something when sideways with Jim who was running it for the owner, who just wanted out. At least that’s the story he understood.

MyLocoSound is alive and well and sales have never been better. We have multi-prototype soundcards for US steam, diesel, electric, trams and galloping geese, all at only $99 (Battery Power) $109 Track Power). In addition, we are now able to develop sound projects for specific locomotives. G-Scale Graphics is the North American Distributor. More Info …

Hi Del! Glad to see you are still lurking here.

LSC Folk - If you are not familiar with Del’s G Scale Graphics operation, he’s a great guy to work with an sells not only vinyl graphics, but Remote Control and Sound systems. I used to run his RailBoss system for 2-stick radios and Del was always helpful and quick to reply to emails.

@Del_Tapparo I’m still sitting on a number of those old systems if you have any old customers looking for more.