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Looking for junker Bmann industrial 2-6-0

Gears stripped, motor burned out, superstructure damaged, tender missing or just tired of looking at a cute loco that can hardly pull its own weight if you stick a battery in the tender. My only interest is that the drivers are intact and not damaged, wear is not an issue. Not willing to pay ebay stupid price, make me a deal I can’t refuse and no, I’m not making a mallet, at least not with these parts

I think I may have one new in the box if I didn’t sell it, which I don’t recall doing. I don’t know what they go for in that condition, but you can PM me an offer and if I think it’s reasonable, I’ll hunt for it and get back to you.

There’s an old Prairie Flyer set on FB markeetplace for $65. It’s the older Columbia 2-4-2 loco and undoubtedly needs new gears. (I think the newer 2-6-0 chassis is available from Bachmann parts.)

If that doesn’t work, search for bachmann prairie flyer.

Thanks !

Checked Bachmann first, no chassis or drivers listed. Looking for 1 1/2" diameter drivers, is that what was on the Columbia ? There is a chassis on ebay I’m watching if it goes low enough I might end up with it but I will still need one more set of drivers which is why I’m looking for a junker as the rest is going in the junk box

Bachmann 2-6-0 Industrial Box endBachmann 2-6-0 industrial box end

Gary: is the one that your looking for? The 1:20.3 bachmann Big hauler 2-6-0 industrial. I bought this site unseen awhile back and when I got it, it was way too small for my use as I am running Connies and C-19’s and this looks so small next to them. I ran it once to make sure that it ran and then put it back in the box and has been there ever since. I had planned on taking it to a train show to sell for $200.00, but I would be willing to let it go for $150.00 or trade for a Tsunami TS4400 steam sound decoder.

Bachmann 2-6-0 industrial in foam

DanBachmann 2-6-0 industrial in foam

it was way too small for my use

It’s another example of Bachmann stretching the scales, as they did on the 20’ freights, claiming they were 1:20.3, while anyone with a ruler could measure 20’ in 1:22.5 and find that’s what they were.

When it first came out as a 2-4-2, it was a ‘Big Hauler’ and almost certainly 1:22.5, although it is a small locomotive. I have one of the tenders and it is much smaller than a 4-6-0 tender, or an Aristo 1:24 C-16 tender!

Thanks Dan but I managed to snag a chassis only on ebay for a reasonable price

Gary Buchanan, FOG said:

Thanks Dan but I managed to snag a chassis only on ebay for a reasonable price

Gary said : chassis

Gary, the email I have for you doesn’t work. See the PM.

For anyone who wondered what size the wheels are, here’s a pic. I picked up an almost complete “Prairie Flyer” set that shows little wear so that Gary could have this loco for its wheels. It actually runs, which surprised me as they usually split the main axle gear.

Gary Buchanan, FOG said:

Thanks Dan but I managed to snag a chassis only on ebay for a reasonable price

No problem Gary; I will just take it with me to the train show this weekend and see if I can sell it or trade for something i can use.