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Looking for Hartland 4-4-0 documentation

I am looking for any documentation on the Hartland 4-4-0. Specifically, I have one of the Disney Lilly Belle specials that I want to put in sound, battery and RailPro so before I start tearing into I’d like to find a schematic for the engine and wiring. That way I have an idea where to go. So far I haven’t found anything on Google and with them shut down that’s not an option. When I got it new, there wasn’t any thing like diagrams, etc. Just history stuff.

If the Hartland model (4-4-0) is anything like the basic, original Kalamazoo (4-4-0), then the wiring is so simple, that it is obvious, when taking the locomotive apart.
The whole locomotive is based on a “Motor Brick” which contains everything. The only outside wiring are the two wires to the headlight. There is no wiring to the tender, or in the tender.
In the brick, the wiring goes directly from the track pick-up (4 drivers and two skates) to the motor. Just remove the brick from the locomotive, and open it up, and you will see everything.
Hartland may have made some changes, as they did change the drivers from solid wheels, to open spoked, if I remember correctly. There was no wiring diagram included with the locomotives.
I hope that helps.
Fred Mills

There are wires from the tender to the engine and appears to be when pickup back there. There is also speaker holes back there. Probably just rear pickup.

Hartland improved on the original Kalamazoo 4-4-0 with added power pickups on the tender, which were sorely needed when running on anything other than spotless track or onboard battery power. They also added the speaker port for the optional sound that was sold for them from time to time.