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Looking for decal source

Hi all,
I looking for someone to make a Union Pacific decal set for my undecorated Aristo Mallet Vanderbilt Tender.

I can’t seem to find anyone with the complete name just individual letters.


matt welke at circus city decals

Custom Waterslide & Vinyl Decals – Shawmut Car Shops :sunglasses:

Being a modeler first and a train runner second, decals are becoming a problem on just finding them. Ten/Fifteen years ago MicroScale made many G Scale decals, but today they offer just about nothing in that scale. I assume this is because there are fewer and fewer modelers out there today and most G Scalers just buy ready to run cars and don’t do custom repaints and rebuilds, ie., not too main modelers left in the hobby. I have now started to do the decal paper thing in the printer, I have had very good success in getting what I need, but it does require you know how to use the computer to do your artwork, past and copy from other print that you want to use, and some knowledge of the printer on what it can do. It won’t be just put the decal paper in the printer and presto you have the decals.

Well no luck so far, if someone that has a UP Vanderbilt tender would take some pics of it and provide some measurements of the lettering hight and length that would help.

Didn’t think this would be such a process.

Thanks, Ron

Are you working with a black tender, or a UP Yellow tender, not sure UP every had a yellow tender, yes we need a pic of the tender and measure the length and height of the actual tender. I feel the decal process that I spoke of above can be used to make these decals. I understand if you don’t know or understand how to do this, but we can try to help you.

This font is free to use and a near match.

Yes it’s a black and undecorated Aristo Craft Vanderbilt tender.

Is it the correct size for the tender?