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Looking for Bachmann manuals

I’m trying to chase down manuals and parts diagrams for all of my engines. Since I didn’t purchase all of them new, some have nothing and the Bachmann site is also limited. I even called and was told not everything got loaded or has been removed. So anyone with and PDF of them would be appreciated.

Bachmann seems to have the K-27, C-19 Shays and newer Climax covered but nothing for the 2-6-6-2 or Heisler for example. Very little for the original Spectrum 4-4-0 would be appreciated.

Mickey, not sure if this helps, but George Shreyer’s article on the Heisler is excellent, and has pdf’s of electrical component diagrams for it.

I stumbled into a part diagram for the 2-6-6-2. Thanks and I’ll look at his site.

Lots of good stuff on his site, but looks to all be older. Is he still around? Still involved. Would love to see him write up on the newer K-27, C-19, 2-6-6-2.

I have a PDF manual for the 2-6-6-2.
It’s a good-sized file over 8 MB. I’d be glad to send you a copy.

Type at you later…

Would love it. How do we send that big of a file? I think email is limited.

The Spectrum 4-4-0 and the older 2-6-0 share a lot of components, probably 98%. There are PDFs for the 2-6-0.

Some email is limited. I have a free Dropbox account which allows me to upload huge files and send a link to someone. You don’t need to load their app (I only use a laptop so a mobile user may find other situations.)

Perfect. Just let me know. I really appreciate this.

Hi, I have the Heisler mauals/schematics. I could scan and save in a PDF format and e-mail if you are still stuck. This also includes the wiring schematics for dc and dcc. Handy as I have just converted mine for RC/battery use with an ESU DCC sound card. I also have the manual for the first version of the 2-6-0. As mentioned by another, they are basically the 4-4-0 with an extra set of drivers. They use the same drivetrain, PCB’s, superstructures and wiring. They didn’t make the full sized schematics for that one, reduced them to fit the little booklets but the same information is there. Just message me with your e-mail address.

Are there any others you need ? Max

Yes, please. Can you email or post here

I do not know how to post here. I can e-mail you directly if you PM me your e-mail address. Do you need both manuals I have mentioned in my post ?

PM sent and yes whatever you have. Thanks.

Hi. Got your PM. Give me a couple of days and I will get them over to you. Max