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Looking for Bachmann Heisler parts

I bought a used Heisler and needs some parts for it which Bachmann no longer offers. See pics below. For starters, I need a coal load, part number G817X-00N02-Z27. Then I need a roof hatch, but if I could get a complete roof part number G817X-00D01, it would be better. Finally, the PO removed the spring plunger track pickups from the trucks. I know it’s a long shot but hoping someone has a stash.

Mickey - do you mean the wheel pickups or the plungers on top that pass power to/from the loco electronics?
If its the latter, they are best thrown away. We usually wire directly around them - you don’t want to see one truck running and the other stationary! (It happens.)

Was talking about the pickup parts. I want to be able to run battery or track power.

Also looking for the electrical guts which the PO removed. I know many guys make a practise of that so if any of y’all have them left over, I need that too.