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Looking for Bachmann Heisler parts

I bought a used Heisler and needs some parts for it which Bachmann no longer offers. See pics below. For starters, I need a coal load, part number G817X-00N02-Z27. Then I need a roof hatch, but if I could get a complete roof part number G817X-00D01, it would be better. Finally, the PO removed the spring plunger track pickups from the trucks. I know it’s a long shot but hoping someone has a stash.

Mickey - do you mean the wheel pickups or the plungers on top that pass power to/from the loco electronics?
If its the latter, they are best thrown away. We usually wire directly around them - you don’t want to see one truck running and the other stationary! (It happens.)

Was talking about the pickup parts. I want to be able to run battery or track power.

Also looking for the electrical guts which the PO removed. I know many guys make a practise of that so if any of y’all have them left over, I need that too.

Still looking for some Heisler parts. Talked to Bachmann service today and they disposed of their “graveyard” of parts they used to have to give people trying to do what I’m doing. So still looking for the electrical pickups on the bottom of the trucks.

Got into the trucks more. The PO cut away plastic and got too much which causes the little round ring to not stay in, hence the front truck dangling. You can see the opening in the pic below of the good rear one and the botched front one. Not sure what can be don’t except to try to print one. I have no experience with that so no idea how you would go about it. I doubt epoxy would stay.

Good one with the center ring.

Botch one

And this is where it attaches. He did do a nice job of getting the motor wires up thru and into the boiler.