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Looking for Bachmann Fn3 C-19 Classification Lamp covers

Thanks again Bill. The package arrived this morning. Exactly what I was looking for, and yes - the box was huge by comparison to the payload! If there is ever anything you need, please ask.

Jon Radder said:

Thanks Al. The only problem is that these are the electric style. I may ask if he will add an alternate file with the chimney. If not, maybe I’ll take the ones off #8 for #345 since it is the older look with fluted domes. My #8 has the more modern rounded domes.

Not that I should even consider another project, but I wonder what it would take to bashthe 345 to 315.


Having restored an original one of these lamps from the Rio Grande, I realize there is much to be desired from the Bachmann version. That is partially why I have offered the “chop top” electric version on Shapeways. 345 did wear a pair of this syle for a time as a switcher. The lamps were swapped out on a continual basis however, and there are photos of 345 and other engines wearing one of each style. I will eventually make a “chimney top” pair available, just haven’t had time yet. Note what the real Handlan chimney looks like compared to the Bachmann version.

Also, I have produced a brass conversion kit to approximate a C-18 from a C-16 or C-19 by changing the crossheads and main rod. If you’re interested, I can work with you to modify this kit to be a direct fit on the Bachmann C-19.



Hi Dylan - Thanks for dropping by our hangout. I appreciate all the info and photos. For now, I did manage to score a pair of Bachmann lamp covers. Someday, when I get caught up on projects (right), I’d love to get a set modified to fit directly on the Bachmann bases.


for some reason I cannot send you a message. please contact me. I am very interested in the parts you have made for the C-18 as they may save me some heartburn. I do intend to modify the frame to get correct wheel spacing.

Al P.

Jon, Dylan now has the Kero chimney version on his page.

we are talking c-18 parts.