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Looking for Aristo Craft Horns

Hi I’m looking to buy a couple of horns for an Aristo FA1 +U25, and I also a brass hand rail that goes next to middle door on a FA1,
Pm me with what you have and a price shipped.
Thanks, Ron

Hi Ron,
Have you checked with these guys?

Cool, thanks. I found some really nice brass ones.

I’m still looking for the brass hand rails, his are plastic.

For the Aristo horns; Contact “GLX Scale Models” at;
For the brass handrail; simply use some appropriate gauge brass rod, and form it to the same shape as the one remaining on the opposite side of the locomotive.
Gilbert, at GLX has a list of most of the Aristo parts he produces, on his web page, and is willing to try to make any others you might need if you ask him (613) 294-2276

For fa screens and a lowering kit, 4trackrr is the place to go. American made!

Thanks for the info :+1: