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Looing for a RCS throttle with TX and RX

Looing for a RCS throttle with TX and RX. Does anyone have one of these to sell?



Have you contacted Dave Goodson? A few years back I swapped him my old RCS Tx and Rx for rail.

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Yes, I have contacted Dave. He doesn’t have anything at this time.

Just buy one from Tony. He’s still in business.

P.S. I have an old system that Bob McC sold me and he claims it works. I haven’t had time to try it but you are welcome to

Hi Peter,
Can you elaborate on exactly what you have, what you want for it and provide some pictures?

Tim, I have a box of stuff, and I collected it from my Hurricane Ian afflicted condo on today’s trip. When I get back to MD I will send photos. Bob, our BD sold it so there is a thread around here with photos if you want to search.

Edit. Here’s the pic of the stuff.


I have this equipment that I purchased from Tony before the Covid days. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work in my LGB Forney. Tony checked things out and all worked fine…so probably installer error (me). I have all of the install documentation.