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Logging/sawmill question

Hi guys,
This doesn’t really fit into any of our normal categories, so I thought I’d try here. In my part of the world, this structure is pretty famous:

This is what’s know as the Crystal Mill, even though it’s not actually the mill. This is located above Marble, Colorado and is owned by a friend of mine.
During the late 1890’s a sawmill was operated near the mill. The owner is preparing an interpretive sign nearby. Here’s the only known picture of the Henry Kirk sawmill:

The owner wants to move the sawmill’s boiler adjacent to the interpretive sign. Here’s the boiler:

What my friend is looking for is a depiction of the layout (boiler, steam engine, saw, etc.) of such a sawmill to be included on the interpretive sign. It would have to be something in the public domain or something we could get permission to use.
How about it, guys - do you have something like this?

Thank you,
Matt Hutson
Nathrop, CO


1867 advertisement

Thanks guys! I’ll forward to the owner.


I forgot to mention I don’t even like steam!