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Log car plans

Looking for plans to build log cars in 1:20.3 scale.

Will they be napkin plans or would paper towel be better ?

Search the rolling stock section as log cars have been done by many

These were not done on a napkin, so they probably are useless. I did use a very old computer and even older software to draw them. There is a complete build thread on here somewhere. I’ll try and find it and post a link.

I get better results with Google than the built-in search. The build thread (never finished) is here:

some inspiration:

Just what I was looking for. Thanks guys. Looks like it should be a fun build. I’ll need about 7 cars.


Those are great plans Jon. I printed them out to have on hand. To make them usefull I can copy draw them up on a napkin for you.

Let me know if you find a good source for Aristo’s classic trucks.
They stopped the Classic line well before showing their belly.


@John There was a guy on eBay selling Delton trucks and other parts. I’ll see if I can find his info. I bought a bunch a few years ago.

@Shawn - I think this is an early version of the plan. I probably have an update version that I can email as a PDF.

I will look for both the truck source and the latest plan.

The eBay guy still has Delton truck kits listed:

Seller name is:con49079

What about USA’s arch bar trucks?