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Locos, cars & track for sale

After years of buying, planning, reading this forum … now a kid in college and a divorce have caused me to need to downsize and sell all my large scale. Doubt I will have the space/time/money going forward for this hobby. May keep a piece or two for display but … Several Aristo locos, including a high hood N&W SD-45; a 2-8-8-2; 30-some freight cars, lots of Aristo and USA track, NIB/never used (multiple switches, wide-radius track, 5-ft straights). Even have an LGB/Aster K-28 (original owner, rarely out of the box, probably less than 1/2 hour run time on rollers). Located in SW Virginia,; I imagine track shipping will be expensive if anyone’s close. PM for a list of everything. Hate it, but it needs to go.

PM Sent to request list.

Interested in the 2-8-8-2 maybe some freight cars if their b&o or c&o especially

Sorry to hear this…

If you have any R1 switches, they’d fit in a flate rate. I am also always on the hunt for brass over-the-joiner railclamps.


Message sent for list.

List please, if items available…

Wonder if you could send a list if there is anything left?
May be interested in the aster/LGB K28
Thank you