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Locomotive repurposed as a shop air supply

Four air pumps on this side, and at least one on the far side. No siderods. All of the air pumps are plumbed into a pipe going into the shop floor.


Well I’ll be darned! :woozy_face:

Odd little beastie! It looks like a European side-tank locomotive, but it sports a cowcatcher. Not the weirdest prototype I have seen, but close.
Regards, David Meashey

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Can easily go open headers if it want’s or needs to run the 1/4 mile.

Amazing! But practical, right?

Analogous to the V&T’s #1, the Lyon, which finished her days as a stationary boiler.

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Link is broken. :frowning:

Late edit: I found the link that works.

#65 (0-6-0st) on the W,K&S spent a few decades beside the Safe Harbor power plant as an auxiliary heating boiler.
Regards, David Meashey