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Loading coal in Sandusky, Ohio


I’m not honestly sure why you are going down that Rabbit Hole ?

Rabbit hole or not that is an interesting video for us that know nothing about coal handling.
I wonder how many cars an hour it can dump? Also that must have taken some head scratching to figure out the length of run and degree of slope to get those cars to move so effectively.

Thanks for posting this Bob.

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I’ve seen a diagram of a similar system used to dump hoppers into ships on the Stockton & Darlington Railway back in the 1830s. One difference was that after the car dumped it’s load and when it was upright, as it was lighter, a counterbalanced piece of track set it off moving downwards on the ‘return’ track. No push needed.

The wife and I actually visited the Stockton and Darlington Railway station/museum seems they had Stephenson’s Rocket there, memory is a little fuzzy as that was back in the mid 1980’s. Also visited the train museum at York. That was spectacular.

Wow, as someone who has never seen this before, I assumed(I know) that the train rolled over a grate that fed a belt that went up to the ship and then funneled to the hold. Very interesting video , now off to the rabbit hole of related videos, told the wife it’s your fault! She said no way !

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Well, if you had watched the whole video, you would have found that the hopper was lifted up and turned over into the chutes feeding the ship’s hold by gravity. No grates or belts. :astonished: :roll_eyes:

Rabbit Holes !!!

Not coal but ore^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Coal is still big business on the east coast. A modern day coal drag at Brunner Island just south of “Three Mile Island”.

Forgot to add…this is what will power/REFUEL electric cars in south central PA^^^^^^^^^^^^^

We also do this but it’s a lot of old pine

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Thanks David,
Yea, we have great hydroelectric plants in the dams on all the big rivers out here to produce power to charge the EV’s, oh wait, the inviro’s want to have all the dams taken out and return to “wild rivers” so I guess they won’t be charging their EV’s that way. Probably won’t matter because with no dams for flood control all their EV’s will be under water or Washed out to sea anyway. Oh well maybe AA batteries will work :smiley:

Considering I already jacked up Bob’s thread I’ll continue. Check out google maps / earth starting in Harrisburg,PA following the Susquehanna River south to the Maryland line exiting into the Chesapeake Bay. PA has many power plants, I think 3 hydroelectric dams and 2 nuclear power plants which all need WATER. The coal one produces most of the power for my local grid.

You did mention that you wanted to learn about modern day coal handling?

Just saying

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I did watch the whole video 2 different times!
What I was trying to say is I thought all coal cars unloaded over a grate( grizzly was the term used at sand plants for belly dump trucks) never thought they dumped them like this. Now I also see rotary dumps and couplers that rotate also.