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Little project for Devon or Dan

Design an oil injection assembly for the Steam Donkeys and such.
Used for burning oil instead of wood.

336281522_789440776187175_3723975321493959549_n 2
This the only pic I can find, but I’ll keep looking.

That would be a cool design, John, if I could see it :grin: If we can get better photos or better yet a drawing, I’m glad to draw it up or help Devon.

I’ll get Dennis on it. He is a wealth of info on logging.

posted to wrong thread


You might have the distinction of being the first person on the planet that I can say i hate. . . With the utmost respect. Id be glad but I need a lot more info.b

Why Devon, thanks for the honor! :grinning:
Just some pumps. lines, etc should work. Nobody would know it is or isn’t an oil injector.
(Well, I wouldn’t, anyway.) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Seriously John. If you do the homework and get me good pictures that I can apply artistic lisc too, id be glad to make an attempt at it.

And actually you aren’t the first. . .Rooster is. That Furnace blower was/is a giant distraction. One that is turning out awesome so far.

Have we found out anything more about this oil injector?

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Can’t find anything. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

I was looking when you started this thread and found a few things but lost interest and not looking now. However I like the idea of distracting Devon so I will try!

Oh great just what I need another rooster inspired distraction. . .though the last one came out pretty good.

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It’s all good brother …I did nothing but smile and drink more beer while watching your progress WITH interest in Carrick …LSC Rules …always has and always will.


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John, I assume you ran across this while searching.

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No. I didn’t. Good find, Rick. :+1:

I could almost work with that if everyone promises to close one eye and squint with the other when they look at what I come up with.