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Link to web site

Am I missing a link to the web site ?

It would be nice to have one hear.

Sean … or put rld hobbies in google search…


Thanks Greg

The reason I posted this … you would think if I ( RDL Hobbies ) had this section I would of had a link to the site.

Greg I capable of doing as you suggested… : Thanks again

I was hoping ( RDL Hobbies ) would notice the missing link…( and add it to the beginning of his section…

Where did you want it? on a sticky thread? I’m not sure where you could make it convenient…



Now that you ask …good question

I looked back to all the venders threads … no site links offered

I wonder if each moderator should have a short intro and a link to there website in there signature … like you have… (

In better times, the answer would be an advertisement w/link above the list. Now you have provided.

Sean, thank you for understanding me and not taking it as confrontive.

It’s funny there is no convenient place to put a link… or a “masthead”…

I think the best thing the moderator could do is put a sticky in the forum and embed a link in the text, and probably bold it… I think you might be able to do this so you just clicked the sticky topic.