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LGB track to Bachmann transition

I have a certain amount of LGB track, and I just acquired some Bachmann hollow steel alloy track. It looks like they are somewhat compatible, but I wanted to check. It seems the Bachmann track (which is flimsier I know) has a pointy little thing on each male end (which inserts inside the female connections). It looks like in order to transition from LGB to Bachmann, I need to cut off the little male Bachmann pointy part on one section of track, at which point I should be able to connect it to an LGB section. Does that sound right?

From your description of the Bachmann rail I do not think it will last all that long outside (if you have an outdoor layout), it will most likely rust and cause no end of trouble with a track powered train in a short time.

If the layout is inside then the corrosion will be much less, so in answer to your question yes cut of the pointy bit and use joiners to connect to the LGB.

Again as far as reliability I would surmise that you will have problems almost from Day 1 if it is outside.

Thank you. I use battery power, so rusty track is not an issue.


Rust is not an issue. Disintegration is:

This is after about a year in the dirt. I will admit that it was partially buried to simulate an abandoned siding. I live in the tropics a little over a mile from the coast, so that would also be a factor. As of now, almost is nothing left but the ties.


That’s the best use I’ve seen for Bachmann track, an abandoned siding, just let it rust and rot away. A battery powered engine running over it through the decay would give some life to the old line at times. Remember this is Christmas Tree track and not intended for year around use.



Thank you. The idea is not mine. It came as a suggestion from forum members. I have been pleased with the result.