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LGB Track Cleaning Loco

My ancient but usually very reliable LGB rail cleaning loco has a problem. It was converted to DCC many years ago that has worked fine. However, lately when it is running in cleaning mode the loco stops moving after a short while but the cleaning motor and lights still function. A little manual assist gets it running again for a few yards and then the process repeats itself. I have checked the gears and they are OK and I am thinking it could be the drive motor or perhaps just the brushes. Any help appreciated.

I would look at the LGB contacts that p/u power. they may be worn beyond practical use and need replacing. some side to side movement probably makes contact some of the time. Motor brushes can cause some of the issues as well. maybe time to replace them all for long term reliability.

Al P.

Thanks for that. I think the brushes are the most likely cause.

My track cleaning engine, equipped with Rail Pro and battery power.