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LGB EPL 17100 and 51750 wired at same time to 12010?

I wish to run my LGB turnout motors 12010 automatically under normal operation via 17100 reed contacts. I understand how to wire these.

But I would also like the ability to throw the switches via 51750 Momentary Switch boxes as necessary without having to walk across the rail yard and possibly damaging something. I have looked at the schematics and think I understand how to wire the turnout motors to the switch box.

My question: Can I connect both a switch box and a track contact to an LGB turnout motor 12010 at the same time so I can do both? If so, how do I wire the turnout? I cannot find a schematic showing how to do this. I am assuming I can wire the 17100 and 51750 (orange and white wires) in parallel to the 12010 turnout motor input. Is this correct? I do not have a switch box yet or I would test this. And I don’t want to spend $80 to find out it doesn’t work.
Thank you in advance.

it works.
just connecting white to white and orange to orange.

to screw things up, you need to actuate the manual switch at the very same moment, the loco runs over the reed contact.

OK, thank you, Korm. I assumed it would work. It seemed to me to be the same as having multiple 17100s connected to the switch machine. But I wanted to be certain before I bought any control boxes.

forgot something:
if both are powered by the same powerpack, black on black also.
if on different sources/powerpacks it might not work because of different circuits.

Same powerpack. I have a dedicated LGB 50111 transformer just for the EPL and accessories.