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LGB Disconnect repair

I had a request to repair an LGB disconnect then was asked if I could make a few replacements for lost beams. ASA “core” wrapped in resin printed detail “shell”


Great technique! Strength in the ASA core, detail in the resin shell, brilliant!

So, I assumed this beam was just used to connect the trucks together when empty as in the prototype photos I’ve seen they are absent when carrying logs. But, I found Kevin Strong’s review: Large scale, gauge-1 logging disconnects with logs | Garden Railways Magazine
“Depending on the specific truck design, a “rooster pole”-essentially a wood beam with a metal loop at either end-could be used in addition to the logs to keep the two trucks together if the weight of the log and the chain attaching it to the frame was thought to be insufficient.”
So now I’m thinking I should make a few other lengths. The LGB one is about 8’ in 1:22.5 so maybe 10’, 12’…

I could of swarn I have seen pics of the trucks with real long logs that overhung and they used these to connect the trucks/car.

Sean, I read about that as well. Unlike the single function rooster on my farm, I guess they were quite versatile in logging ops. :laughing: