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LGB Brass Track For Sale

Below is a list of track I have from my project. Some of this track I bought new, but most of it was bought used. I decided on a smaller “layout” than I originally planned.
I have attached a couple of pictures.

16 - 1’ straights $2.00 each
08 - 2’ straights $2.50 each
06 - 4’ straights $5.00 each
12 - 1100 curves R1 $2.50 each
43 - 1500 curves R2 $2.00 each
02 - Right hand turnouts $5.00 each
02 - Left hand turnouts $5.00 each

Or make me an offer on the whole lot of track.

Four of the 4’ straight don’t look like they were ever installed.
I am in the Charlotte NC area and willing to discuss meeting somewhere for delivery.

PM sent

PM sent

We heard you the first time !

We heard you the first time

PM Sent!

Eric, did you get his track? I pm’d him but didn’t get a response.

Cliff, no, I did not. My PM also went unanswered.