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LGB-based Garratt 2-6-2+2-6-2

A couple of years ago I succumbed to temptation and bought a Garratt from a Gent in the UK. I didn’t need it, and I have no layout for it to run on, but I always liked them. It was advertised as a ‘kit’ as several parts were loose - turned out the glue used wasn’t right for the ABS (?) plastic and it had partly fallen apart.

It is made from an LGB 2085D Mallet, so it’s well equipped mechanically. The guy who built it added pilot trucks front and rear on both chassis - they look like LGB parts (but they didn’t come from the LGB 2085.) There’s a pair of brass strips running along the underside of the boiler and on the chassis to maintain electrical continuity end-to-end; you wouldn’t want one chassis to stop and the other to continue?

The cab and other details don’t seem to be from the LGB 2085, but they are quite attractive. I looked for a prototype, and the C.B.M. (Angola) 10A Garratts seemed close, even though they were 4-8-2s. The #523 restored in Victoria Falls is another close possibility.

The loco is pretty much complete, though missing a handrail or two. I still have the original box with lots of soft packing material for shipping.

It really needs a good home, so I will pay for shipping in the USA or back to the UK. The 2085D chassis are a couple of hundred quid apiece, so how about $600 and free shipping? Paypal preferred but we can figure out some kind of bank payment.