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LGB #50 Switcher get RailPro

Just finished with this LGB #50 2063 Switcher and adding RailPro battery power. The engine is pretty much stock, but with some painting and decal lettering making it for my railroad, the Ft. Worth & South-Western. The front grill was opened up and thus the sound does come out the front of the grill, by the way it sounds great. RailPro install went very easy and all components could have been fit in under the hood cover, but I decided to put the battery in the cab for just making the install easier and more room, thus not crowing the speaker. I used a 14.8v .8amp battery which Don Sweet sells and he said I should get around 1 hour run time, that’s ok with me because this engine will do lite switching and be setting most of the time, due note here there is still plenty of room in the cab for the larger 14.8v 3.5amp battery if wanting more run time. Biggest problem with the larger battery is the door would not open, but still sets below the window level. I did put the switch and the charging plug under the cover on the right, it just snaps on and off for use, the more you use it the easier it gets. All lights are LGB and all the factory wiring was discarded, this engine runs so slow it’s hard to tell it’s moving.