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LGB 26844 DR Mallet mfx/dcc/dc Sound Decoder Problem

I need some assistance on repairing an LGB 26844 Sound Steamer which stopped chuffing sound and the Massoth pulsed smoker stopped working. I installed a new 28-pin replacement decoder that I received from LGB/Marklin Germany and both the chuff sound and the smoker started working again. But then the smoker failed and I replaced the Massoth smoker with a new pulsed unit. I’m now getting the chuff sounds but I’m only getting 6.4 volts from decoder’s track power connector (AUX 6) to the smoker…the smoker heater needs full track power to work properly. The smoker is pulsing but just not burning the smoke fluid. What CV do I need to adjust to increase the voltage to the decoder’s AUX 6 terminal?

Also, I’m using my Massoth Navigator to make the CV adjustments on this decoder. Does anyone know whether I can use my Massoth PC Module or ESU Programming Module to make CV changes to this decoder? Even though the decode is touted as LGB, it’s actually a Marklin mfx/dcc/dc three protocol decoder. I didn’t want to have to buy an LGB/Marklin CS3+ Central Station, but if I’m going to properly repair these newer LGB/Marklin locomotives with their mfx/dcc/dcc technology, do I need to buy it?



If not running Marklins MFX system, then program CV 50 to 2 to disable the MFX capability. Decoder looks for MFX, then DCC and lastly DC for operations.

CV50 =2 for DC/DCC

CV50 = 10 for DC/DCC/MFX

CV50 =0 for DCC only

DCC can not be diasbled with the present firmware, an example of a manufacturer going half way for controlling features. I did ask about this at the show in Springfield MA and got no answer.