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LGB 25251 Forney stopped running

My LGB 25251 Forney stopped running. No lights nothing! What should I be checking to see what the issue is?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Your power supply. :thinking:

I’ve tried 3 different power supplies. All my other locos run fine on all 3 power supplies.

Check to see if the power leads have come loose. You can barely see them between the boiler and motor block. Only two on this one because it’s battery powered. I’m converting it to rail pro because the control board burned up and it was nearly new so that’s a possibility also.

I made a mistake. The lights do come on when the loco is powered on the track.

The power leads go up into the boiler so I can’t see the ends. The end at the motor is connected. If I supply power directly to the motor leads the motor does spin. However, when all assembled and placed on the track the lights come on when power is supplied but the loco does not move. I assume because the motor does spin when direct power is supplied to it that it is ok.

I haven’t been able to find an exploded view of this loco to see how to take the boiler apart. Does anyone have one?

When on the track and power supplied, can you hear the motor spinning? If so, you have a gear train problem.

These may help you.

I also found this…

If the lights come on and the motor is good then your not getting power from the circuit board back to one of the motor leads. Either it’s come loose on the circuit board or the board itself is bad.

That makes sense. Looking at the .pdf files I am not clear how to access the circuit board to check.

You have to remove the cab/fuel bunker and boiler/smoke box assembly from the locomotive’s base. There are six screws you can see on the bottom of the locomotive that hold these parts in place. Then there is one screw on the sides of the boiler. I also remove the small screw on each side of the smoke box to remove the smoke box out of the way. Once all the screws are removed, you’ll lift up on the cab and connected boiler and wiggle the boiler out forward which will then expose the circuit board and all the wires to the motor block, smoker, lights, etc.