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LGB 2076 Loco Overhaul

A battery cell failed on my LGB 2076 “Stumpy” (after 12 years) so a new battery was required.

While the loco was apart I took the opportunity to do an overhaul and “Australianise” it a bit.

Some cosmetic changes including a repaint plus new battery, new motor controller (Mtroniks Viper) Loco and sound card (MyLocoSound).

A before and after picture

![]( Pictures/Merged_document(4).jpg)

Links to blog pages detailing original build

and overhaul build.

Simple but nicely done.

Some “testing” has been carried out post overhaul, batteries have lasted nearly 2 hours of run time pulling a small goods train.
Testing has revealed that minor tweaks to the sound card are required and the lights have stopped working but that is not an issue as a “Daylight Only” running order has been issued.
More testing will be required till “operation readiness” is achieved, it is forecast that at least 6 hours of testing,possibly more, will be required to achieve that state.


Stumpy came out quite nicely! I shall be re-attacking my own m2075 resuscitation (Large Scale Central - Advanced Forum Detail Topic - Rehab of the Missile Sponges Part the Second - Christmas Thomas) shortly!

As an aside, I offered Oldest Daughter a chance to “Bundaberg” a STAINZ per your blog (Ringbalin Light Railway G Division: Sugar Cane Tank Engine from an LGB Stainz ( She declared the STAINZ “cute,” with multiple seconds from the rest of the clan, though all were impressed by your work.



To make life a little easier “Germany” is a well tank engine with side tanks so may be an easier conversion of a stainz.

The conversion was relatively easy just have to take it slowly.


She has discussed doing a repainting of a standard green STAINZ. I have suggested some minor body work to American-ize / Hawaiian-ize it, but that’ll be her call if she chooses to proceed. Neither O.D. nor her siblings have christened this little loco yet, leaving the final form open for the moment.