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LGB 0090? Auto reversing unit

Picked this up the other day with a bun of stuff. It appears to be the early 0090 unit but a different variation from any directions I can find. While it has only one pot, it has a black switch that I cannot find use directions for. Ive seen the directions for increasing time by moving the red jumper but no switch. Does the switch increase the time also like the jumper? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I assume I can easily make my isolation end tracks using 5403 diodes. Where does everyone buy their diodes and resistors?

I like;

If I remember correctly the jumper is a X10 multiplier for time on the 0090 unit. I only have the parts diagram, not the user manual.

Thanks Dan, the 0090 directions explain the jumper but this version has a switch and I was curious if this switch does the same as the jumper and changes the time multiplier or does something else.

Using a lgb reverse loop pair as the signal tracks I wired up the reverse unit and powered it up. It worked perfectly and the switch Is the 10x multiplier. Set up a test track and ran my new climax loco on it. It will be used for my trolley that will run from Dartmouth to New Bedford. It originally ended on the Dartmouth/Westport line at the Lincoln Amusement Park. My goal is to have it run the width of my layout disappearing into a tunnel heading back to New Bedford. The trolley ran down the middle of rte. 6 and my dad road it as a kid. I have a Bachman trolley that will be running the route.

When the Bachmann trolley motor block fails, replace it with the USA trains motor block, add weight and pull a second dummy trolley.