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Lets see the track Crue

The title states it all …cannot find an umlaut for the U but would be nice to stay on topic as recommended.

I’ll start with my track crue .

that would be Alt plus 129.

but as far, as i know, it’s a french word. “Crú”.

Mine’s on vacation…(

The poster is the track crüe


Here is mine, back when I had an operational layout. They got the neighbors tree that fell cleared off the tracks. I need to get them to work on the new layout…

My guys like to talk a lot…paid by the hour.

And this guy’s been on a coffee break for about a week…

The track gang passing Washington St station stop to the excitement of the local residents.

Back in the day …headed out and preparing for the install of the new double track bridge

It appears to me that the first stop might have been the bar and Thomas had a few too many.

Send him to your human resources/employee assistance department.

And this guy’s been on a coffee break for about a week…

John, that must be some darn good coffee.

Some of my Motley Crue heading out to service a water tower. “Joe and Tony”

My crew will work once in a while…