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Last post on a subject

Did we have the function when you hit the subject being discussed , didn’t it use to go to the last post (Just posted ) ? Are we just to hit the number in the circle

If the system knows you have read a post, it will jump to the latest when you open it. If the system doesn’t know (you last read was before the upgrade) then it takes you to the first post.

Once you notice it’s an older post you can jump to the last post by clicking at the bottom of the date/time scroll at the right.

P.S. I really thought, by your title, that you were making a final statement on something!

No just confused …again …

I figured no one got the LAST WORD here, except for you Bob!

I, too, was trying to figure out who pissed him off.

I did too! Phew!

I was wondering, “Christmas eve got kinda weird… Did I post at Sean then??”

I finally figured it out …It’s like the game of Clue!

Cliff did it!!!

" With a railroad spike "

" In the parlor "

“And probably Linda”

Cliff, Pissed off Sean !